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Tales of New Dunhaven

Jun 29, 2017

An influential man needs a particular horse by any means necessary.

The Cackling Crows crew stars:
Oblivious ... as Lazarev Lisitsyn, Magus from The Circle
Strong Copper ... as "Gravekeeper" Jackrum, Brawler from The Gravediggers
Sani ... as Viola, Thief from The Mummers
and CreeperZone ... as Kren "The Crow" Wallace,...

Jun 29, 2017

Welcome to New Dunhaven, the Dusk City. Today, a Crew is hired for a Job:
Taking back a local museum and community center.

The Crimson Lions crew stars:
Lovenought ... as Felix Duncanovich Miller, Brawler from The Circle
Mykin ... as Gideon Bashir, Boss from The Family
Hawkflight ... as Erin Lynn Kavanagh, Magus from...