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Tales of New Dunhaven

Jul 20, 2017

A complication changes the stakes of the Job, and the Crew is encouraged to get... explosive.

The Crimson Lions crew stars:
Lovenought ... as Felix Duncanovich Miller, Brawler from The Circle
Mykin ... as Gideon Bashir, Boss from The Family
Hawkflight ... as Erin Lynn Kavanagh, Magus from The Circle
Azure_Mountain ......

Jul 13, 2017

A corrupt scholarly magistrate has a secret and very well-hidden black ledger.

The Obsidian Coin crew stars:
Xencarn ... as Thaddeus Wormwood, Grifter from The Gravediggers
AvisEcho ... as Katya Dragov, Assassin from The Circle
Zai ... as Trixanna Buckland, Beguiler from The Mummers
DigoDragon ... as Alfons Bashir,...